Benefits of Smoothies

top health benefits of smoothies: better sleep, improved immune system, stronger muscles
Smoothies are a fast & effective way to improve your overall health. Increasing the fruits, vegetables and superfoods in your diet will aid digestion, boost your immune system and help you get better sleep at night. 

The ingredients you add to each smoothie has specific health benefits. For instance, chia seeds are loaded with fiber and omega 3, as well as many other healthy nutrients. When you eat foods high in fiber the sugar in those foods is absorbed slower, which keeps your blood glucose levels from rising too fast. Omega 3 lowers the risk of heart disease, dementia, and depression.

We all know fruits and veggies are good for our diet but did you know that broccoli, tomatoes, garlic and goji berries have proven to be excellent at preventing cancer, is anti-inflammatory and can boost your immune system? 

Every smoothie recipe on our entire site provides many health benefits and is an improvement over many of the foods we eat in western cultures. Smoothies can be completely meal replacements or simply boost your mealtime health factor. 

Most of what we carry in our online shop is classified as a superfood. Superfoods are foods that are known to be exceptionally beneficial for your health and are extremely nutrient-rich. In fact, kale and chlorella are two of the most nutrient-dense foods you can possibly eat.

You can learn more about each individual superfood Nom Nom Smoothies stocks in our "Superfood Info" menu item above. Do you have a special health need? The search bar (or our social media pages) are your friend! 

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