About us


Hi! We're Loretta & Matt and we are the crazies behind Nom Nom Smoothies.

We have been married just over 5 years (no kids yet) and live in Melbourne, AU. We have just begun our journey with Nom Nom and hope you enjoy our site! 

We sell smoothie ingredients, appliances and accessories to help you get the most from your daily drinks. Our products are taste and quality tested in our own kitchen before they're ever sent to our customers. We also share healthy and tasty smoothie recipes on our blog.


When we're not making, testing or researching smoothie recipes or superfood ingredients, we're generally running. We are currently training for the Melbourne Half Marathon and have completed the Hapalua Marathon in Hawaii. We are avid AFL fans and have season tickets to the MCG. 

If you have questions or want to know more about the team here at Nom Nom Smoothies just email us at contact@nomnomsmoothies.com or comment on a blog!