Smoothies and Matt's Weight Journey

One of the main reasons people consider a smoothie diet or smoothies as part of their meal plan is the health benefits. I can vouch for the health benefits - not only in weight loss but increased energy, alertness and overall happiness.

I have been pretty heavy my whole life. I spent my 20s around 250 pounds and my 30s around 275 pounds. I hit 40 last year and wanted to do something different. My wife and I started to do the regular things: eat less, workout some, drop a bit, gain a bit, stop trying, restart "on Monday" more than a few times.

Over the past year I have lost an incredible amount of weight. I attribute this to two main things: 1) smoothies and 2) probiotics. 

The probiotics are doing their job. I was a bad, picky eater growing up and created very bad conditions for the bacteria to grow. Now, I help them flourish. It makes my gut a whole lot better overall. When I explain how they work to people they nod and understand. You know, #science. 

But the smoothies are always the topic that makes people react strongly one way or the other. "Oh, smoothies! I love them! What's your favourite kind!?" or "you believe drinking chocolate shakes helps you lose weight? No wonder you were fat for so long!" 

For the doubters, the benefits of smoothies should be fairly obvious

  • You're eating a much wider variety of healthy foods and liquids
  • You can "like" the taste of all of the meals you consume
  • Unlike juicing, all the good, healthy bits are still in the smoothie
  • They're really easy to make
  • Way more fruits & veggies than people normally consume
  • Keeps you hydrated without sugary sodas, fruit drinks or coffee
  • NOM NOM NOM! They taste great! 


Without smoothies when would you really enjoy kale powder? 

I have not taken my smoothie diet to extremes. I'll detail what I would suggest people do in other posts but generally don't replace more than one meal per day with a smoothie. It's healthy enough to consume two but make sure you're balancing other needs (like protein and dairy) with your fruits & vegetables.

My favourite smoothie at the moment is part of the South Beach Diet. High protein, low carbs: a peanut butter & banana super protein bomb. I'll put the recipe up on this blog asap but for now, just drool over it! 

peanut butter banana chocolate smoothie

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