Our Smoothie Life

It started harmlessly with my first smoothie. I wanted a quick summer treat so I tossed some frozen strawberries, yogurt, a banana, and some chia seeds into a blender. Didn't taste great so I threw in a splash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar and VOILA! It was perfect! 

I drank that yummy smoothie at least a couple of times a week for about 4 months over the summer. Then a cold winter came and I forgot about it completely. 

Fast forward almost four years and my wife asked for a healthy treat. I shared my recipe and she went online to perfect it. Her concoction blew me away with its health value (it was basically a kale leaf compared to a chocolate chip cookie.) 

So we started making smoothies. And we never stopped. Over time we have both lost a lot of weight. Our smoothies have become much more interesting, tasty and healthy as we became more familiar with ingredients, powders, mixes, taste combinations and a few recipes books. We don't discriminate, sometimes having smoothies at breakfast, lunch or dinner (though never all 3. We aren't monsters!)

Then we bought the smoothie recipe book that changed our life. It was absolutely *awful.* Every smoothie was super healthy but super disgusting. Let's be honest - sometimes your kale, tomato juice, spinach, cucumber with coconut oil and chia seeds idea is just not really all that great. Why make a whole book of your bad ideas? That's essentially what we bought. 

From there our mission changed - we want to find and share healthy, tasty, amazing smoothies that aren't just good for you but they don't taste like they were made from babyfood leftovers or garden refuse material. 

As you browse the smoothie recipes on this site you can be sure of three things: 


  1. We've made, tested and drank them ourselves. NO "recipes" we haven't even tasted. 
  2. They taste good (to us) and won't make you consider a couple slices of pizza instead.
  3. We won't make the same smoothie over and over. It gets boring. Expect fruit and vegetable, sweet and savory, hot and cold smoothies and even some blendable soups and other quick treats. 

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so dig in and see what makes your taste buds water. 


If you have a smoothie recipe that is just nomnomnom share it with us! We'll try it and if it is great, we'll share your page with our readers. 

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