A bit about Nom Nom Smoothies

Hi & welcome to Nom Nom Smoothies! 

Nom Nom is the brainchild of wife and husband team Loretta & Matt. We are smoothie gurus: we have made, drank and lived off a wide variety of smoothies and blender concoctions for years now. Our cupboards are filled with various powders, superfood blends, green and fruit smoothie ingredients and more than a few smoothie cups.

We weren't always this way. Both of us were quite a lot heavier than we are now. We were very out of shape, lethargic and headed the wrong way. 

As it happens, "once upon a time" Loretta got the idea to try a smoothie diet. It worked! Over the next few months she lost almost 15 kg and got back to running and is currently training for the Melbourne Half Marathon.

Matt got inspired by her progress and jumped on the smoothie life, too. In just a few short months he lost almost 20 kg and is also now in training for bigger & better things.

Both of us have completed a half marathon, run plenty of 5k and 10k runs and found a new life through health, fitness and smoothies. We wake up earlier, have more energy and generally love life more than we ever have. 

Now, our goal is to share that with you. 

We named this site Nom Nom Smoothies because the smoothie recipes we share TASTE good. Let's be honest: there are some really healthy but awful tasting smoothie recipes out there. We've all had them. In fact, we had a whole book of bad smoothies once. 

We hope our experience can help you take back a bit of your own life. Whether it's through our smoothie creation processes and saving you a bit of time each day, kid-friendly smoothie recipes for the whole family or just a powerful protein boost after a great workout, we've done it and we'll give you all our secrets.

Ultimately, your success is still up to you. But we'll give you all the tools to do what we've already done. If two regular over-tv-watching, video-gaming, takeout-food-having slugs can do it, we have a lot of faith in you! 

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