Smoothie Storage & Freshness Questions

Fresh, frozen or fridge

How long does a fruit smoothie last?

How long do green smoothies last?

How to keep a smoothie fresh for lunch?

How to store smoothies for the week?

Do smoothies lose nutrients overnight?

Can I freeze smoothies?

Smoothie Ingredient Questions

Substitutions, popular ingredients & health

What IS a green smoothie? 

Are only green smoothies healthy?

What are the healthiest smoothie ingredients?

Do you need ice in a smoothie? 

What kind of yogurt / milk / liquid should I use? 

Do I have to follow your recipe exactly?

How do I change the consistency of my smoothie? 

Other Smoothie Questions

Miscellaneous FAQs

Where does Nom Nom Smoothies deliver?

How much does shipping cost?

How long does it take to get my product?

Do you offer smoothie ingredient subscription boxes?

What kind of blender do I need? 

Can I drink smoothies for every meal? 

Is a smoothie from a chain just as healthy as one I make at home? 

Who runs this website?

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? 

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